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Mac Baren RYO Tobacco Double Grape Choice – 20g Pouch


Want cheaper, better-tasting tobacco? Try Mac Barens RYO Tobacco Double Grape Choice flavor.


Product Imported With a taste of rich grape and citrus overtones, silk cut Virginia, Burley, and Orient tobaccos. Premium tobaccos are used in every blend in the Choice Roll Your Own line. Outstanding Burleys from Africa, Virginias from top tobacco-growing regions in Latin America, and superb spicy Orient tobaccos from Southeast Europe are delicately blended. Tobacco has been silk cut for a proper burn and hand rolling ease. To ensure the proper burn and simple hand rolling, the tobaccos have been silk sliced. Premium Rolling Cigarettes *You have the option of selecting "Pouch Only" or "With Rolling Paper". Paper Rolls are distributed at random.


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