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We're a tobacco shop in the Philippines that offers bongs, cigars, pipes, shishas, RYO tobacco and other tobacco products. We have a huge selection which caters to many smokers needs in the Philippines.

We send packages out six days a week, PHLPost can bring quicker than that. We offer discreet shipping, and our service is quick. We have been in business for more than 5 years, so we know how to make our smoking family happy.

Our customer service team is available by phone, live chat, and email if you need to ask anything before you place your order.

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Be a part of a new movement that is pro tobacco and pro Filipinos. 

We offer bongs, pipes, shishas, cigars and other tobacco products delivered nationwide in the Philippines.

If there's anything tobacco related needed, we have your back.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

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Discreet Ph Delivery

Our tobacco pipes, glass bongs, shishas and other smoking products are delivered discreetly nationwide.

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We continually make an effort to bring discounts, coupons, deals and prizes to our Filipino customers.

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When buying products from our tobacco store Philippines, we process orders using SSL.

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Pinoy 420 is an online shop which focusses on tobacco products for Filipinos. Our online Filipino tobacco shop has products which include; Glass Bongs, Hand Pipes, Shishas, Cigars and other smoking products for those looking for a high quality smoking experience.

Our glass bongs from the Philippines and overseas suppliers make sure you have more options than other smoking based web stores. Our hand pipes from Pinoy manufacturer which serve a treat. There are pipes of various designs and sizes suited to tobacco consumers of all ages 18 and up.

When you want a quality Shisha session, we stop at nothing to provide you Hookahs of all occasions. Although smoking in public is frowned upon in the Philippiines, our products are still permissible to use at home at your discretton. We also have premium Roll Your Own (RYO) Premium Tobacco from Denmark if you wish to cut costs on Tobacco and have access to high quality tastes.

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