Aquatic Bong 14″

  1. 14 Inch tall
  2.  14mm Male Herb
  3.  5.5 Inch Long Down Stem
  4. With Ice catcher

Chaotic Cosmo Bong 17″

PRODUCT INFORMATION: 1. 17 Inch Tall 2. 14mm Male Bowl 3. 4.5 Inch Long Down Stem 4. With Ice Catcher 5. HoloGraphic Rainbow 6. Special Electriplated Production 7. Material Glass

Classic Mini Bong 8″

PRODUCT INFORMATION: 1. 8 Inch Tall 2. 14mm Male Bowl 3. 3.5 Inch Lond Down Stem 4. Material Glass

Hello Kitty Tall Glass 18″

PRODUCT INFORMATION: 1. (18)Inchess Tall 2. 14mm Male Herb Bowl 3. (5.5)Inches Long Down Stem 4. Pink Glass With Printed Hello Kitty Logo 5. With Ice Catcher 6. Glass (Material)

Long 3D Herb 12.5″

PRODUCT INFORMATION: 1. 12.5 Inch Tall 2. 7mm Thick Glass 3. 50x 7mm Glass 4. 3-D Hand Painting (Same as Picture) 5. With Ice Catcher 6.  4 Inch long Down Stem 7. 14mm Male Herb Bowl 8. Glow In The Dark

Long Classic Bong 13″

PRODUCT INFORMATION: 1. (13)Inch Tall 2. With Ice Catcher 3. 14mm Male Herb Bowl 4. 4.5 Inch Long Down Stem


Blue Hand Pipe

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Hand pipes are the go to pipes if you like it simple and handy. They don't need parts or water to function. This hand pipe is a glass material.


Spiced Rum Slim Cigars Manila (5 Pack)

*100% Filipino Cigar (made in the Philippines) *100% Hand Made *Flavor: Spiced Rum *Cigar Size: 4.5 inches x 28 ring gauge *Recommended for new cigar smokers
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